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The mastermind and the chef have combined to produce an amazing line of AZ based Medibles.

David Alvarado and Chris Martin

With over 40 years combined in food service, Chef Chris and Chef David have teamed up to produce some of the highest end and potent chocolates in the market today.

Chris started this line in 2009. Chef inspired by David when he was a kid, David was a CASA worker who helped Chris succeed. Chris then turned the tables and hired his longtime friend as the Head Chef of Zonka.

There is a book #OneLife and Documemtary #HATERSMAKEMEFAMOUS available on Amazon 

David Alvarado

David has over 30 yrs in food and Bev. Has spent time with Russell Stovers and even owned a catering company in KC

He enjoys producing Amazing edibles and showing off his skills in the kitchen 

Check out his podcast 👇🏽

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